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Approximating Maximum Diameter-Bounded Subgraph in Unit Disk Graphs

We consider a well studied generalization of the maximum clique problem which is defined as follows. Given a graph G on n vertices and an integer d >= 1, in the maximum diameter-bounded subgraph problem (MaxDBS for short), the goal is to find a (vertex) maximum subgraph of G of diameter at most d. For d=1, this problem is equivalent to the maximum clique problem and thus it is NP...

Geodesic Obstacle Representation of Graphs

, Italy 1 Saeed Mehrabi School of Computer Science, Carleton University , Ottawa , Canada 2 School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, University of Ottawa , Ottawa , Canada 3 Pat Morin School ... ? Computational geometry - 23:2 Related Version A full version of the paper is available at [7], 03705. Funding Research of Prosenjit Bose, Vida Dujmovic, and Pat Morin is supported

Preprocessing Imprecise Points for Delaunay Triangulation: Simplified and Extended

Suppose we want to compute the Delaunay triangulation of a set P whose points are restricted to a collection ℛ of input regions known in advance. Building on recent work by Löffler and Snoeyink, we show how to leverage our knowledge of ℛ for faster Delaunay computation. Our approach needs no fancy machinery and optimally handles a wide variety of inputs, e.g., overlapping disks...