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ADAM10: a new player in breast cancer progression?

Background:The ADAM proteases are best known for their role in shedding the extracellular domain of transmembrane proteins. Among the transmembrane proteins shed by ADAM10 are notch, HER2, E-cadherin, CD44, L1 and the EGFR ligands, EGF and betacellulin. As cleavage of several of these proteins has been implicated in cancer formation and progression, we hypothesised that ADAM10 is...

uPA and PAI-1 as biomarkers in breast cancer: validated for clinical use in level-of-evidence-1 studies

Urokinase plasminogen activator (uPA) is an extracellular matrix-degrading protease involved in cancer invasion and metastasis, interacting with plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1), which was originally identified as a blood-derived endogenous fast-acting inhibitor of uPA. At concentrations found in tumor tissue, however, both PAI-1 and uPA promote tumor progression and...

The ADAMs family of proteases: new biomarkers and therapeutic targets for cancer?

The ADAMs are transmembrane proteins implicated in proteolysis and cell adhesion. Forty gene members of the family have been identified, of which 21 are believed to be functional in humans. As proteases, their main substrates are the ectodomains of other transmembrane proteins. These substrates include precursor forms of growth factors, cytokines, growth factor receptors...