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Accesos vasculares en hemodiálisis: un reto por conseguir

Background: Chronic kidney disease is a leading problem in public health due to its high incidence, prevalence and high morbidity and mortality, especially for those who require renal replacement therapy (RRT). As has already been described by other authors, the vascular access is one of the factors determining morbidity and mortality of patients in haemodialysis as well as their...

¿Es indispensable la obtención de sangre periférica y/o del catéter para hemocultivo en pacientes en hemodiálisis portadores de catéter venoso central con bacteriemia?

los contenidos de este artículo.   Juan F. Betancor-Jiménez1, Francisco Alonso-Almán1, Yanet Parodis-López1, Beatriz Quintana-Viñau1, Sonia González-Martinez1, Cristina García-Laverick1, Patricia ... Pérez-Borges2, Jose C. Rodríguez-Pérez2 1Centro de hemodiálisis RTS-Gran Canaria. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2Servicio de Nefrología. Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín. Las Palmas de

A Vaccine Based on a Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara Vector Expressing Zika Virus Structural Proteins Controls Zika Virus Replication in Mice

Zika virus (ZIKV) is a re-emerging mosquito-borne flavivirus that affects humans and can cause severe neurological complications, including Guillain-Barré syndrome and microcephaly. Since 2007 there have been three large outbreaks; the last and larger spread in the Americas in 2015. Actually, ZIKV is circulating in the Americas, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands, and...

We need more replication research – A case for test-retest reliability

Following debates in psychology on the importance of replication research, we have also started to see pleas for a more prominent role for replication research in medical education. To enable replication research, it is of paramount importance to carefully study the reliability of the instruments we use. Cronbach’s alpha has been the most widely used estimator of reliability in...

What is science without replication?

multilevel analysis of educational data. Patricia Pérez-Fuster is currently PhD candidate at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Valencia, Spain. Her research interests include developmental psychology

An Uncommon Case of Bilateral Breast Enlargement Diagnosed as Tumoral Pseudoangiomatous Stromal Hyperplasia: Imaging and Pathological Findings

The incidence of reported pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia (PASH), as well as the variability and severity of clinical presentations, is increasing in the literature. In parallel, several authors posit the need for an improved classification of PASH to avoid possible variables associated with this diagnosis. Here, we present a 25-year-old woman with PASH accompanied by...

Micro and Macroscale Drivers of Nutrient Concentrations in Urban Streams in South, Central and North America

Global metrics of land cover and land use provide a fundamental basis to examine the spatial variability of human-induced impacts on freshwater ecosystems. However, microscale processes and site specific conditions related to bank vegetation, pollution sources, adjacent land use and water uses can have important influences on ecosystem conditions, in particular in smaller...

Effect of Chitosan on the Performance of NiMoP-Supported Catalysts for the Hydrodesulfurization of Dibenzothiophene

Chitosan-added NiMoP catalysts supported on alumina and alumina-titania were studied in the hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of dibenzothiophene (DBT). The preparation of catalysts containing Mo (12 wt%), Ni (3 wt%), P (1.6 wt%), and chitosan/nickel = 2 (mol ratio) was accomplished by sequential pore-filling impregnation varying the order of chitosan integration. Materials were...

Absence of a prezygotic behavioural barrier to gene flow between the two sympatric morphs of the squat lobster Munida gregaria (Fabricius, 1793) (Decapoda: Anomura: Galatheidae)

Munida gregaria and M. subrugosa have been considered two different species for more than a century; however, after a recent molecular phylogenetic study, they are considered a single polymorphic species. Yet, the use of markers to diagnose species may be misleading when divergence between species is recent, since a speciation event may be obscured by the retention and stochastic...

Expression of Ik6 and Ik8 Isoforms and Their Association with Relapse and Death in Mexican Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Expression of the 6 and 8 dominant-negative Ikaros isoforms in pediatric patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia has been associated with a high risk of relapse and death; due to these isoforms disrupting the differentiation and proliferation of lymphoid cells. The aim of this study was to know the frequency of Ik6 and Ik8 in 113 Mexican ALL-children treated within the...

Aptitud clínica en la interpretación de electrocardiograma en una muestra de médicos becarios

sample of medical interns    Carlos Enrique Ochoa-Castro,1 Héctor Cobos-Aguilar,2 Patricia Pérez-Cortez,2 María de los Ángeles Marroquín-Cardona,3 Michel Marcela Gómez-Sánchez4    1 Unidad Médica

Signaling Proteins and Transcription Factors in Normal and Malignant Early B Cell Development

, 06720 México, DF, Mexico Received 11 March 2011; Accepted 8 April 2011 Academic Editor: Philip L. McCarthy Copyright © 2011 Patricia Pérez-Vera et al. This is an open access article distributed under

Diseño de una crema regeneradora con quitina para después del bronceado

EO. Métodos ópticos de análisis. Barcelona: Reverté; 1990.     Recibido: 30 de noviembre de 2012. Aprobado: 5 de enero de 2013.     Patricia Pérez Ramos Instituto de Farmacia y ... Pérez Ramos,I Dra. Olga María Nieto Acosta,I Dra. Ofelia Bilbao Reboredo,I MSc. Ariana López Torres,II MSc. Lenia González Cabrer III I Instituto de Farmacia y Alimentos. La Habana, Cuba. II

Nana F2007, cultivar de trigo para siembras de temporal en México

Villaseñor Mir1§, Eduardo Espitia Rangel1, Julio Huerta Espino1, Ernesto Solís Moya2, Javier Ireta Moreno3, Leodegario Osorio Alcalá4 y Patricia Pérez Herrera1   1 Campo Experimental Valle de México-INIFAP

Similar feeding habits of two morphs of Munida gregaria (Decapoda) evidence the lack of trophic polymorphism

trophic polymorphism La similitud en hábitos alimentarios entre morfos de Munida gregaria (Decapoda) evidencia la falta de polimorfismo trófico   Patricia Pérez-Barros1,2, M. Carolina Romero1

Dual control of the levels of photoprotective compounds by ultraviolet radiation and temperature in the freshwater copepod Boeckella antiqua

Photoprotective compounds (PPCs), such as carotenoids and mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs), confer photoprotection to aquatic organisms against harmful ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation. The natural variability of these compounds in zooplankton has been related to temperature, radiation and diet, but the ultimate mechanisms regulating the observed patterns in the field are still...

Involvement of phage ϕ29 DNA polymerase and terminal protein subdomains in conferring specificity during initiation of protein-primed DNA replication

To initiate ϕ29 DNA replication, the DNA polymerase has to form a complex with the homologous primer terminal protein (TP) that further recognizes the replication origins of the homologous TP-DNA placed at both ends of the linear genome. By means of chimerical proteins, constructed by swapping the priming domain of the related ϕ29 and GA-1 TPs, we show that DNA polymerase can...

Involvement of φ29 DNA polymerase thumb subdomain in the proper coordination of synthesis and degradation during DNA replication

φ29 DNA polymerase achieves a functional coupling between its 3′–5′ exonuclease and polymerization activities by means of important contacts with the DNA at both active sites. The placement and orientation of residues Lys538, Lys555, Lys557, Gln560, Thr571, Thr573 and Lys575 in a modelled φ29 DNA polymerase–DNA complex suggest a DNA-binding role. In addition, crystal structure of...

La cuantificación no invasiva del estrés parietal sistólico del ventrículo izquierdo en pacientes con insuficiencia cardíaca y su aplicación clínica

,* Patricia Pérez,** Ramón José Cué Carpio*   * Instituto Nacional de Cardiología Ignacio Chávez. ** Hospital Médica Sur   Correspondencia: Dr. José Fernando Guadalajara Boo. Instituto Nacional