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Plant performance on Mediterranean green roofs: interaction of species-specific hydraulic strategies and substrate water relations

Recent studies have highlighted the ecological, economic and social benefits assured by green roof technology to urban areas. However, green roofs are very hostile environments for plant growth because of shallow substrate depths, high temperatures and irradiance and wind exposure. This study provides experimental evidence for the importance of accurate selection of plant species...

Ion-mediated enhancement of xylem hydraulic conductivity is not always suppressed by the presence of Ca2+ in the sap

The physiological significance of ion-mediated enhancement of xylem hydraulic conductivity (Kh) in planta has recently been questioned. The phenomenon has been suggested to be an artefact caused by the use of deionized water as a reference fluid during measurements of the impact of different ions on Kh. In the present study, ion-mediated changes in Kh were measured in twigs of...

Kinetics of recovery of leaf hydraulic conductance and vein functionality from cavitation‐induced embolism in sunflower

The kinetics of leaf vein recovery from cavitation‐induced embolism was studied in plants of sunflower cv. Margot, together with the impact of vein embolism on the overall leaf hydraulic conductance (Kleaf). During the air‐dehydration of leaves to leaf water potentials (ΨL) of –1.25 MPa, Kleaf was found to decrease by about 46% with respect to values recorded in well‐hydrated...