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An O(1)-Approximation Algorithm for Dynamic Weighted Vertex Cover with Soft Capacity

This study considers the soft capacitated vertex cover problem in a dynamic setting. This problem generalizes the dynamic model of the vertex cover problem, which has been intensively studied in recent years. Given a dynamically changing vertex-weighted graph G=(V,E), which allows edge insertions and edge deletions, the goal is to design a data structure that maintains an...

Low circulating chemerin levels correlate with hepatic dysfunction and increased mortality in decompensated liver cirrhosis

Nutritional status, infections, inflammation and extrahepatic organ dysfunction are critical factors for the progression of chronic liver disease. Chemerin is an immune-metabolically and chemotactically active adipokine and we hypothesized that it is associated with disease severity and prognosis in patients with advanced decompensated cirrhosis. Therefore, we measured serum...

On the Principal Permanent Rank Characteristic Sequences of Graphs and Digraphs

, John Sinkovic, and Josh Tobin This article is available in Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra: http:/ KEIVAN HASSANI MONFARED?, PAUL ... HORN? , FRANKLIN H.J. KENTER?, KATHLEEN NOWAK?, JOHN SINKOVICk, AND JOSH TOBIN?? Abstract. The principal permanent rank characteristic sequence is a binary sequence r0r1 ? ? ? rn where rk = 1 if there

‘Two Minds With but a Single Thought’: W. T. Stead, Henry James, and the Zancig Controversy

Thinking, 1880–1920 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001), p. 97. See also Mark Seltzer, Henry James & the Art of Power (Ithaca: Cornell Paul Horn, W. T. Stead, Henry James, and the Zancig

Chemerin in peritoneal sepsis and its associations with glucose metabolism and prognosis: a translational cross-sectional study

Background Stress hyperglycaemia (SHG) is a common complication in sepsis associated with poor outcome. Chemerin is an adipocytokine associated with inflammation and impaired glucose homeostasis in metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes (T2D). We aimed to investigate how alterations of circulating chemerin levels and corresponding visceral adipose tissue (VAT) expression are...

Aberrant Neuromagnetic Activation in the Motor Cortex in Children with Acute Migraine: A Magnetoencephalography Study

Migraine attacks have been shown to interfere with normal function in the brain such as motor or sensory function. However, to date, there has been no clinical neurophysiology study focusing on the motor function in children with migraine during headache attacks. To investigate the motor function in children with migraine, twenty-six children with acute migraine, meeting...

Modeling the Developmental Patterns of Auditory Evoked Magnetic Fields in Children

Background As magnetoencephalography (MEG) is of increasing utility in the assessment of deficits and development delays in brain disorders in pediatrics, it becomes imperative to fully understand the functional development of the brain in children. Methodology The present study was designed to characterize the developmental patterns of auditory evoked magnetic responses with...