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Towards a Comprehensive Temporal Classification of Footfall Patterns in the Cities of Great Britain (Short Paper)

- 1874 , 2005 . Karlo Lugomer , Balamurugan Soundararaj, Roberto Murcio, James Cheshire, and Paul Longley . Understanding sources of measurement error in the wi-fi sensor data in the smart city . In ... Statistical Software , 62 ( 1 ): 1 - 43 , 2014 . Roberto Murcio , Bala Soundararaj, and Karlo Lugomer . Movements in cities: Footfall and its spatio-temporal distribution . In Paul Longley, James Cheshire, and

OACoder: Postcode Coding Tool

Geodemographic classifications are small area classifications of social, economic and demographic characteristics. The Output Area Classification (OAC) is a free geodemographic classification. It is an Office of National Statistics validated measure that summarises neighbourhood conditions at the Output Area Level across the United Kingdom. Linkage of these valuable statistics...

People of the British Isles: preliminary analysis of genotypes and surnames in a UK-control population

Davison 7 Chikodi Echeta 6 Irina Evseeva 8 Katarzyna Hutnik 6 Stephen Leslie 6 Kristin Nicodemus 9 Ellen C Royrvik 6 Susan Tonks 10 Xiaofeng Yang 6 James Cheshire 11 Paul Longley 11 Pablo Mateos 11