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Defining health standards through economic optimisation: The example of colostrum management in beef and dairy production

: Pauline Trillat, CeÂlia Cahuzac. Methodology: Didier Raboisson, Marie DervilleÂ. Project administration: Didier Raboisson, Elise MaigneÂ. Supervision: Elise MaigneÂ. Validation: Didier Raboisson, Marie ... DervilleÂ. Visualization: Pauline Trillat, CeÂlia Cahuzac. Writing ± original draft: Didier Raboisson. Writing ± review & editing: Pauline Trillat, Marie DervilleÂ, CeÂlia Cahuzac, Elise MaigneÂ. 1. Beam

Failure of Passive Immune Transfer in Calves: A Meta-Analysis on the Consequences and Assessment of the Economic Impact

Low colostrum intake at birth results in the failure of passive transfer (FPT) due to the inadequate ingestion of colostral immunoglobulins (Ig). FPT is associated with an increased risk of mortality and decreased health and longevity. Despite the known management practices associated with low FPT, it remains an important issue in the field. Neither a quantitative analysis of FPT...