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Microfluidic Device Directly Fabricated on Screen-Printed Electrodes for Ultrasensitive Electrochemical Sensing of PSA

How to fabricate scale low-cost microfluidic device for detection of biomarkers owns a great requirement. Herein, it is for the first time reported that a new microfluidic device based on bonding polydimethylsiloxane microfluidic channels onto the substrate of a screen-printed electrode with coating glass solution was fabricated for electrochemical sensing of prostate-specific...

Multiplex PCR methods for detection of several viruses associated with canine respiratory and enteric diseases

(2018B030311037, 2018A030313633), The Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Prevention and Control for Severe Clinical Animal Diseases (2017B030314142). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Pei Zhou, Shoujun ... : Pei Zhou, Shoujun Li. Writing ? original draft: Xiangqi Hao. Writing ? review & editing: Pei Zhou, Shoujun Li. 12 / 14 13 / 14 1. Pesavento PA , Murphy BG . Common and emerging infectious diseases in

Frequent sgRNA-barcode recombination in single-cell perturbation assays

Armendariz, Pei Zhou. 6 / 7 Supervision: Shiqi Xie, Gary C. Hon. Writing ± original draft: Shiqi Xie. Writing ± review & editing: Shiqi Xie, Gary C. Hon. 1. Dixit A , Parnas O , Li B , Chen J , Fulco CP

Lentinan inhibits tumor angiogenesis via interferon γ and in a T cell independent manner

Antiangiogenic agents are commonly used in lung and colon cancer treatments, however, rapid development of drug resistance limits their efficacy. Lentinan (LNT) is a biologically active compound extracted from Lentinus edodes. The effects of LNT on tumor angiogenesis were evaluated by immunohistochemistry in murine LAP0297 lung and CT26 colorectal tumor models. The impacts of LNT...

Autophagy promotes degradation of polyethyleneimine–alginate nanoparticles in endothelial progenitor cells

Autophagy promotes degradation of polyethyleneimine-alginate nanoparticles in endothelial progenitor cells Guo-dong Wang, Yu-zhen Tan, Hai-jie Wang, Pei Zhou Department of Anatomy, Histology and

The genetic evolution of canine parvovirus – A new perspective

Laboratory of Prevention and Control for Severe Clinical Animal Diseases (2013A061401013). Pei Zhou received financial support from the China Scholarship Council (CSC). The funders had no role in study design

A pH-gated conformational switch regulates the phosphatase activity of bifunctional HisKA-family histidine kinases

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Unbiased measurements of reconstruction fidelity of sparsely sampled magnetic resonance spectra

The application of sparse-sampling techniques to NMR data acquisition would benefit from reliable quality measurements for reconstructed spectra. We introduce a pair of noise-normalized measurements, and , for differentiating inadequate modelling from overfitting. While and can be used jointly for methods that do not enforce exact agreement between the back-calculated time domain...

MicroRNA expression analysis of feline and canine parvovirus infection in vivo (felis)

Agroscientific Research in the Public Interest (201303042), the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Prevention and Control for Severe Clinical Animal Diseases (2013A061401013). Pei Zhou received financial ... values greater than 1000 or less than -1000 are presented as 1000 or -1000. (TIF) Acknowledgments Pei Zhou received financial support from the China Scholarship Council (CSC). Author Contributions

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide suppresses epileptogenesis at an early stage

The pathophysiologic mechanisms of epileptogenesis are poorly understood, and no effective therapy exists for suppressing epileptogenesis. Numerous reports have shown that nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) has neuroprotective effects, suggesting its potential use for treating epileptogenesis. Here we evaluated the effects of NAD+ on epileptogenesis and the mechanisms...

Seroepidemiological Evidence of Subtype H3N8 Influenza Virus Infection among Pet Dogs in China

The H3N8 virus and the H3N2 virus are the main subtypes of canine influenza virus (CIV). H3N8 CIV mainly circulates in America, and H3N2 CIV mainly circulates in Asia. However, there was an outbreak of the Asian H3N2 virus in the United States (US) in 2015. Thus, it is important to evaluate the presence of subtype H3N8 virus in dogs in China. From May 2015 to November 2015, 600...

Explicit Scheme for Fixed Point Problem for Nonexpansive Semigroup and Split Equilibrium Problem in Hilbert Space

, China Received 1 May 2014; Revised 18 July 2014; Accepted 1 August 2014; Published 19 August 2014 Academic Editor: Filomena Cianciaruso Copyright © 2014 Pei Zhou and Gou-Jie Zhao. This is an open

Parental Genome Imbalance Causes Post-Zygotic Seed Lethality and Deregulates Imprinting in Rice

Background Reproductive isolation between rice of different ploidy levels is manifested as endosperm and embryo abortion in seeds produced by interploidy crosses. Genomic imprinting is considered to be the underlying mechanism establishing the post-zygotic hybridization barrier. We characterized disrupted seed development in reciprocal crosses between a diploid Japonica rice and...

Ubiquitin recognition by FAAP20 expands the complex interface beyond the canonical UBZ domain

FAAP20 is an integral component of the Fanconi anemia core complex that mediates the repair of DNA interstrand crosslinks. The ubiquitin-binding capacity of the FAAP20 UBZ is required for recruitment of the Fanconi anemia complex to interstrand DNA crosslink sites and for interaction with the translesion synthesis machinery. Although the UBZ–ubiquitin interaction is thought to be...

Identification and characterization of the nitrate assimilation genes in the isolate of Streptomyces griseorubens JSD-1

Background Streptomyces griseorubens JSD-1 is a novel actinomycete isolated from soil that can utilize nitrate as its sole nitrogen source for growth and these nitrate assimilation genes active in this biotransformation are expected to be crucial. However, little is known about its genomic or genetic background related to nitrogen metabolism in this isolate. Thus, this study...

Serological report of influenza a (H7N9) infections among pigs in Southern China

Background In 2013, a novel H7N9 avian influenza virus (AIV) was isolated from ill humans in Shanghai and Anhui Province, China. Since then, the virus has spread quickly throughout China. Previous isolation of H7N2 virus from swine suggests that additional H7 subtype AIVs may be transmitted through pigs. However, prior to the recent zoonosis of H7N9, there were very few studies...

Preclinical PK/PD model for combined administration of erlotinib and sunitinib in the treatment of A549 human NSCLC xenograft mice

, and Shu-pei ZHOU performed the research; Jing-yun npg LI, Tian-yan ZHOU, Li-jie WANG, and Wei LU analyzed the data; Jing-yun LI and Tian-yan ZHOU wrote the manuscript. Abbreviations ER, erlotinib; SU

Antibodies against H10N8 avian influenza virus among animal workers in Guangdong Province before November 30, 2013, when the first human H10N8 case was recognized

Background Considered an epicenter of pandemic influenza virus generation, southern China has recently seen an increasing number of human H7N9 infections. However, it is not the only threat. On 30 November 2013, a human H10N8 infection case was first described in China. The origin and genetic diversity of this novel virus is similar to that of H7N9 virus. As H10N8 avian influenza...

Inhibition of the inflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor-alpha with etanercept provides protection against lethal H1N1 influenza infection in mice

Introduction Factors implicated in influenza-mediated morbidity and mortality include robust cytokine production (cytokine storm), excessive inflammatory infiltrates, and virus-induced tissue destruction. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) is an important pro-inflammatory cytokine present during influenza infection, but it is unclear whether direct inhibition of TNF-α can elicit...