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Stochastic Control-Oriented Modeling of Flexible Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle

, Xi’an 710038, China 2Research Center for Evaluation and Argumentation, Academy of Military Science, Beijing 100091, China Correspondence should be addressed to Peng-fei Yang; moc.621@8891gnayfp Received

A New Control Method for Second-Order Multiple Models Control System Based on Global Sliding Mode

This paper proposed a finite time convergence global sliding mode control scheme for the second-order multiple models control system. Firstly, the global sliding surface without reaching law for a single model control system is designed and the tracking error finite time convergence and global stability are proved. Secondly, we generalize the above scheme to the second-order...

Effective Task Scheduling and IP Mapping Algorithm for Heterogeneous NoC-Based MPSoC

; Accepted 17 June 2014; Published 10 July 2014 Academic Editor: Yuping Wang Copyright © 2014 Peng-Fei Yang and Quan Wang. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution

A new coumarin derivative, IMM-H004, attenuates okadaic acid-induced spatial memory impairment in rats

; Xiu-yun SONG and Yingying WANG performed the main experiments; Xiu-yun SONG and Peng-fei YANG analyzed the data and wrote the paper; Wei ZUO, Lian-Kun SONG and Shuai ZHANG assisted in the experiments

A Hypomagnetic Field Aggravates Bone Loss Induced by Hindlimb Unloading in Rat Femurs

A hypomagnetic field is an extremely weak magnetic field—it is considerably weaker than the geomagnetic field. In deep-space exploration missions, such as those involving extended stays on the moon and interplanetary travel, astronauts will experience abnormal space environments involving hypomagnetic fields and microgravity. It is known that microgravity in space causes bone...

Torsion and Antero-Posterior Bending in the In Vivo Human Tibia Loading Regimes during Walking and Running

language editing assistance. Peng-Fei Yang acknowledges Helmholtz Space Life Sciences Research School (SpaceLife) and his scholarship by the China Scholarship Council (CSC No.: 2009629013). Last but not

Parent artery reconstruction for large or giant cerebral aneurysms using a Tubridge flow diverter (PARAT): study protocol for a multicenter, randomized, controlled clinical trial

Yu Zhou 0 Peng-Fei Yang 0 Yi-Bin Fang Yi Xu Bo Hong Wen-Yuan Zhao Qiang Li Rui Zhao Qing-Hai Huang Jian-Min Liu 0 Equal contributors Department of Neurosurgery, Changhai Hospital, Second Military

Reconstruction of Saccular and Dissected Intracranial Aneurysms Using Solitaire™ AB Stents

Introduction We aimed to evaluate the feasibility, safety, efficacy, and predictors for outcome of reconstructive treatment with Solitaire™ AB stent(s) based on 54 cases of saccular aneurysms and 14 of acute symptomatic dissecting aneurysms. Methods Fifty-eight consecutive patients (M/F = 28/30; median age, 53 years) harbouring 68 aneurysms (ruptured/unruptured = 12/56) underwent...

Downregulation of CD147 expression alters cytoskeleton architecture and inhibits gelatinase production and SAPK pathway in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Background CD147 plays a critical role in the invasive and metastatic activity of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells by stimulating the surrounding fibroblasts to express matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). Tumor cells adhesion to extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins is the first step to the tumor metastasis. MMPs degrade the ECM to promote tumor metastasis. The aim of this study...