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3D grating-based X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography for high-resolution quantitative assessment of cartilage: An experimental feasibility study with 3T MRI, 7T MRI and biomechanical correlation

, Thomas Baum, Moritz Wildgruber, Peter B. Noe?l, Franz Pfeiffer, Pia M. Jungmann. 15 / 19 Data curation: Julia Herzen, Dimitrios C. Karampinos, Peter Foehr, Lorenz Birnbacher, Manuel Viermetz, Rainer ... Burgkart, Fabian Lohoefer, Moritz Wildgruber, Franz Schilling, Marian Willner, Mathias Marschner, Franz Pfeiffer, Pia M. Jungmann. Formal analysis: Julia Herzen, Dimitrios C. Karampinos, Peter Foehr, Lorenz

Viable adhered Staphylococcus aureus highly reduced on novel antimicrobial sutures using chlorhexidine and octenidine to avoid surgical site infection (SSI)

analysis: Andreas Obermeier, Jochen Schneider, Heinrich MuÈhlhofer, Peter Foehr, Christina KraÈmer. Funding acquisition: Axel Stemberger, Rainer Burgkart. Investigation: Andreas Obermeier. Methodology ... : Andreas Obermeier, Norbert Harrasser, Jutta TuÈbel, Dominik PfoÈrringer, Peter Foehr. Project administration: Andreas Obermeier, Heinrich MuÈhlhofer, Matthias Schieker, Rainer Burgkart. Resources

Efficient decellularization for tissue engineering of the tendon-bone interface with preservation of biomechanics

Interfaces between tendon/ligament and bone (“entheses”) are highly specialized tissues that allow for stress transfer between mechanically dissimilar materials. Entheses show very low regenerative capacity resulting in high incidences of failure after surgical repair. Tissue engineering is a promising approach to recover functionality of entheses. Here, we established a protocol...

Biodegradable poly (lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) scaffolds as carriers for genetically-modified fibroblasts

Recent advances in gene delivery into cells allow improved therapeutic effects in gene therapy trials. To increase the bioavailability of applied cells, it is of great interest that transfected cells remain at the application site and systemic spread is minimized. In this study, we tested clinically used biodegradable poly(lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) scaffolds (Vicryl...

Effects of dose reduction on bone strength prediction using finite element analysis

This study aimed to evaluate the effect of dose reduction, by means of tube exposure reduction, on bone strength prediction from finite-element (FE) analysis. Fresh thoracic mid-vertebrae specimens (n = 11) were imaged, using multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT), at different intensities of X-ray tube exposures (80, 150, 220 and 500 mAs). Bone mineral density (BMD) was...

Surgical Sutures Filled with Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Promote Wound Healing

Delayed wound healing and scar formation are among the most frequent complications after surgical interventions. Although biodegradable surgical sutures present an excellent drug delivery opportunity, their primary function is tissue fixation. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) act as trophic mediators and are successful in activating biomaterials. Here biodegradable sutures were...