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Why starch is essential and dispensable

October 2018 114 Downloads Handling Editor: Peter Nick More than 70% of human nutrition is based on plants with most of our calories coming from starch, a plant-specific polymer of glucose

Ars comparandi: “molecular convergence” versus “functional homology”

Editorial First Online: 17 August 2018 Received: 13 August 2018 Accepted: 13 August 2018 205 Downloads Handling Editor: Peter Nick Physicists measure—biologists compare. This statement

Phase in space

Protoplasma July 2018, Volume 255, Issue 4, pp 987–988 | Cite as Phase in space AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Peter Nick Editorial First Online: 04 June 2018 Received: 30 May 2018 ... Accepted: 30 May 2018 149 Downloads Handling Editor: Peter Nick When the young Robert Hooke took over a royal commission from his more established colleague, Sir Christopher Wren, to test

Combination of Plant Metabolic Modules Yields Synthetic Synergies

The great potential of pharmacologically active secondary plant metabolites is often limited by low yield and availability of the producing plant. Chemical synthesis of these complex compounds is often too expensive. Plant cell fermentation offers an alternative strategy to overcome these limitations. However, production in batch cell cultures remains often inefficient. One...