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Why starch is essential and dispensable

October 2018 114 Downloads Handling Editor: Peter Nick More than 70% of human nutrition is based on plants with most of our calories coming from starch, a plant-specific polymer of glucose

Ars comparandi: “molecular convergence” versus “functional homology”

Editorial First Online: 17 August 2018 Received: 13 August 2018 Accepted: 13 August 2018 205 Downloads Handling Editor: Peter Nick Physicists measure—biologists compare. This statement

Phase in space

Protoplasma July 2018, Volume 255, Issue 4, pp 987–988 | Cite as Phase in space AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Peter Nick Editorial First Online: 04 June 2018 Received: 30 May 2018 ... Accepted: 30 May 2018 149 Downloads Handling Editor: Peter Nick When the young Robert Hooke took over a royal commission from his more established colleague, Sir Christopher Wren, to test