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Fault-Tolerant Consensus with an Abstract MAC Layer

1733842. 2 Peter Robinson acknowledges the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), RGPIN-2018-06322. The Abstract MAC Layer. Most existing work on distributed

Centuries of Contract Common Law Can't Be All Wrong: Why the UMA's Exception to Mediation Confidentiality in Enforcement Proceedings Should Be Embraced and Broadened

Peter Robinson 0 0 Thi s Conference is brought to you for free and open access by the Law Journals at University of Missouri School of Law Scholarship Repository. It has been accepted for inclusion in

Public Sector Dispute Resolution in Local Governments: Lessons from the SCAG Project

Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law). ** (Gregory L. Ogden is a professor of law at Pepperdine University School of Law). *** (Peter Robinson is the Associate Director of the Straus Institute

Commentary Traditions and the Evolution of Premodern Religious and Philosophical Systems: A Cross-Cultural Model

cosmologies, and Peter Robinson, a talented computer modelist at NASA-Ames Research Center who translated my flow chart into the algorithm found near the end of the paper. The paper has always been a favorite ... . Reprint available at . Farmer, Steve, John B. Henderson, Michael Witzel, and Peter Robinson. "Computer models of the evolution of premodern religious

Symmetry Breaking in the Congest Model: Time- and Message-Efficient Algorithms for Ruling Sets

Peter Robinson . Distributed computation of large-scale graph problems . In Proceedings of the 26th Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) , pages 391 - 410 , 2015 . Kishore Kothapalli ... ( 2 ): 17 : 1 - 17 : 44 , March 2016 . Shay Kutten , Gopal Pandurangan, David Peleg, Peter Robinson , and Amitabh Trehan . On the complexity of universal leader election . J. ACM , 62 ( 1 ):7: 1 - 7

Conceptualizing Urban Exploration as Beyond Tourism and as Anti-Tourism

Urban Exploration (U.E.), the activity of exploring hidden parts of the city, is increasingly discussed in a range of academic papers, yet the aspects of this activity which are associated with travel and consumption have not been explored. However, there have been a number of related calls for research. This paper identifies that U.E. requires greater critical inquiry. It is...

Kinematic Comparison of Dolphin Kicking Performed in a Prone and Supine Body Position

Underwater dolphin kicking has become an essential element in competitive swimming but little research has been performed to provide an understanding of this movement. PURPOSE: To examine hip and knee kinematics of prone and supine dolphin kicking as they relate to speed. METHODS: Six collegiate swimmers (1.77±0.07 m, 72.4±7.6 kg, 19.8±1.0 yrs) experienced with dolphin kicking...

DEX: self-healing expanders

, MOE AcRF Tier 1 Grant MOE2012-T1-001-094, and the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) Grant 2008348. Peter Robinson has been supported by Grant MOE2011-T2-2-042 “Fault-tolerant

A systematic, large-scale comparison of transcription factor binding site models

Background The modelling of gene regulation is a major challenge in biomedical research. This process is dominated by transcription factors (TFs) and mutations in their binding sites (TFBSs) may cause the misregulation of genes, eventually leading to disease. The consequences of DNA variants on TF binding are modelled in silico using binding matrices, but it remains unclear...

Q-nexus: a comprehensive and efficient analysis pipeline designed for ChIP-nexus

Background ChIP-nexus, an extension of the ChIP-exo protocol, can be used to map the borders of protein-bound DNA sequences at nucleotide resolution, requires less input DNA and enables selective PCR duplicate removal using random barcodes. However, the use of random barcodes requires additional preprocessing of the mapping data, which complicates the computational analysis. To...

Assessing fishery and ecological consequences of alternate management options for multispecies fisheries

Demands for management advice on mixed and multispecies fisheries pose many challenges, further complicated by corresponding requests for advice on the environmental impacts of alternate management options. Here, we develop, and apply to North Sea fisheries, a method for collectively assessing the effects of, and interplay between, technical interactions, multispecies...

The Emergence of Mediation in Korean Communities

By Peter Robinson, J. Youngjin Lee, J. Kwang Ho Lim, et al., Published on 02/22/16 ... Malibu, CA. This panel was moderated by Peter Robinson, Managing Director, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, and Professor of Law, Pepperdine University School of Law, with participation from Judge

Participation in Church or Religious Groups and Its Association with Health. Part 2: A Qualitative, Canadian Study

As part of a mixed-methods study, this qualitative inquiry determined how adolescent participation in church or religious groups related to their health. We used grounded theory with a phenomenological approach to inquiry. Consistent with the quantitative findings, children (n = 12) involved in religious groups reported lower participation in risk behaviors, higher pro-social...

Participation in Church or Religious Groups and its Association with Health: A National Study of Young Canadians

The purpose of this study was to determine how participation of young Canadians in a church or religious group correlated with holistic health indicators. Health was viewed in terms of risk and protective behaviors, outward looking prosocial behaviors, and measures of internal feelings, with the composite picture of health connecting to the Hebrew concept of shalom. A separate...

Designing inclusive interactions

.). The first paper in this issue is The Cluster Scanning System by Pradipta Biswas and Peter Robinson. This paper represents novel thinking in the assistive technology field, as it shows how the ... , John Clarkson and Peter Robinson, published by Springer. 1 List of reviewers of this special issue Hilary Dalke, Kingston University, UK Javier de la Fuente, Michigan State University, USA Jane Dillon

Remote sensing the plasmasphere, plasmapause, plumes and other features using ground-based magnetometers

The plasmapause is a highly dynamic boundary between different magnetospheric particle populations and convection regimes. Some of the most important space weather processes involve wave-particle interactions in this region, but wave properties may also be used to remote sense the plasmasphere and plasmapause, contributing to plasmasphere models. This paper discusses the use of...

Crowdsourced direct-to-consumer genomic analysis of a family quartet

Background We describe the pioneering experience of a Spanish family pursuing the goal of understanding their own personal genetic data to the fullest possible extent using Direct to Consumer (DTC) tests. With full informed consent from the Corpas family, all genotype, exome and metagenome data from members of this family, are publicly available under a public domain Creative...

PhenoDigm: analyzing curated annotations to associate animal models with human diseases

The ultimate goal of studying model organisms is to translate what is learned into useful knowledge about normal human biology and disease to facilitate treatment and early screening for diseases. Recent advances in genomic technologies allow for rapid generation of models with a range of targeted genotypes as well as their characterization by high-throughput phenotyping. As an...