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Cross-sectional survey of off-label and unlicensed prescribing for inpatients at a paediatric teaching hospital in Western Australia

(Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacist, Princess Margaret Hospital, WA) for their assistance with our research. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Lewis Bint, Bruce Sunderland, Petra Czarniak. Data curation ... : Caitlin Landwehr, Jennifer Richardson, Richard Parsons, Bruce Sunderland, Petra Czarniak. Project administration: Bruce Sunderland, Petra Czarniak. Supervision: Lewis Bint, Richard Parsons, Bruce

The use of initial dosing of gentamicin in the management of pyelonephritis/urosepsis: A retrospective study

: Katherine Travers, Matthew Skinner. Data curation: Silvia Ryanto, Petra Czarniak, Katherine Travers, Matthew Skinner. Formal analysis: Silvia Ryanto, Mandy Wong, Richard Parsons. Investigation: Mandy Wong ... , Bruce Sunderland. Methodology: Silvia Ryanto, Mandy Wong, Petra Czarniak, Richard Parsons, Katherine Travers, Matthew Skinner, Bruce Sunderland. Project administration: Petra Czarniak. Supervision

Clinical Setting Influences Off-Label and Unlicensed Prescribing in a Paediatric Teaching Hospital

. Requests can be sent to Dr. Petra Czarniak, Curtin University, School of Pharmacy , GPO Box U1987, Perth, Western Australia 6845 ( P 1 Academic Editor: Umberto Simeoni, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire