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Conjecture on the butterfly velocity across a quantum phase transition

Abstract We study an anisotropic holographic bottom-up model displaying a quantum phase transition (QPT) between a topologically trivial insulator and a non-trivial Weyl semimetal phase. We analyze the properties of quantum chaos in the quantum critical region. We do not find any universal property of the Butterfly velocity across the QPT. In particular it turns out to be either...

Absence of power-law mid-infrared conductivity in gravitational crystals

We compute conductivities of strongly-interacting and non-uniform charge densities dual to inhomogeneous anti-de Sitter-black hole spacetimes. Backreacting bulk scalars with periodic boundary profiles, we construct generalizations of ReissnerNordström-AdS that interpolate between those used in two previous studies — one that reports power-law scaling for the boundary optical...