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Dose enhancement effects of gold nanoparticles specifically targeting RNA in breast cancer cells

, Michael Hausmann. Data curation: Georg Hildenbrand, Philipp Metzler, Vladimir Bobu. Formal analysis: Georg Hildenbrand, Philipp Metzler, Matthias Krufczik. Funding acquisition: Georg Hildenbrand, Michael ... Hausmann. Investigation: Philipp Metzler, GoÈtz Pilarczyk, Vladimir Bobu, Hiltraud Hosser. Methodology: Georg Hildenbrand, GoÈtz Pilarczyk, Jens Fleckenstein, Frederik Wenz, Michael Project administration

Isolated inferior rectus muscle rupture after blunt orbital trauma

Patrick Tomasetti 0 Philipp Metzler 0 Christine Jacobsen 0 0 Department of Cranio-Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery, University Hospital Zurich , Zurich, Switzerland A 44-year-old man was referred to

The Reliability of a Three-Dimensional Photo System- (3dMDface-) Based Evaluation of the Face in Cleft Lip Infants

Ample data exists about the high precision of three-dimensional (3D) scanning devices and their data acquisition of the facial surface. However, a question remains regarding which facial landmarks are reliable if identified in 3D images taken under clinical circumstances. Sources of error to be addressed could be technical, user dependent, or patient respectively anatomy related...