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Evolutionary and functional analyses of the 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase genes involved in the flavonoid biosynthesis pathway in tobacco

Main conclusion This study illustrates the differences in the gene structure of 2-oxoglutarate-dependent oxygenase involved in flavonoid biosynthesis (2ODD-IFB), and their potential roles in regulating tobacco flavonoid biosynthesis and plant growth. Flavonol synthase (FLS), anthocyanidin synthase (ANS), and flavanone 3β-hydroxylase belong to the 2-oxoglutarate-dependent (2ODD...

Adding spatial distribution clue to aggregated vector in image retrieval

authors Pingping Liu is an associate professor in the Computer Science and Technology College of Jilin University. She received her bachelor’s degree from Jilin University in 2001 and her master’s degree

Complete Genome Sequence of Mulberry Vein Banding Associated Virus, a New Tospovirus Infecting Mulberry

Mulberry vein banding associated virus (MVBaV) that infects mulberry plants with typical vein banding symptoms had been identified as a tentative species of the genus Tospovirus based on the homology of N gene sequence to those of tospoviruses. In this study, the complete sequence of the tripartite RNA genome of MVBaV was determined and analyzed. The L RNA has 8905 nucleotides...

Integrated mRNA and microRNA analysis identifies genes and small miRNA molecules associated with transcriptional and post-transcriptional-level responses to both drought stress and re-watering treatment in tobacco

Pingping Liu 2 Huina Zhou 2 0 College of Life Science and Technology, Central South University of Forestry and Technology , Changsha 410000 , China 1 Key Laboratory of Cultivation and Protection for Non

Molecular Characterization of Enterohemorrhagic E. coli O157 Isolated from Animal Fecal and Food Samples in Eastern China

Objective. To elucidate the extent of food contamination by enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) O157 in Eastern China. Methods. A total of 1100 food and animal fecal samples were screened for EHEC O157. Then, molecular characterization of each isolate was determined. Results. EHEC O157 was isolated as follows: pig feces, 4% (20/500); cattle feces, 3.3% (2/60); chicken feces...

Schistosoma Japonicum UDP-Glucose 4-Epimerase Protein Is Located on the Tegument and Induces Moderate Protection against Challenge Infection

Schistosomiasis is an important global public health problem, as millions of people are at risk of acquiring this infection. An ideal method for sustainable control of schistosomiasis is using a vaccine alone or in combination with drugs. In the present study, we cloned the SjGALE gene and generated the expression product in E. coli. The expression level of SjGALE during...