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Lessons from insect conservation in Russia

Insect conservation in Russia has a long history, but it has been developing partly independently from the conservation tradition of the Western world, and consequently it is characterised by certain peculiarities. While this means that in many aspects the Russian conservation system is lagging behind the accomplishments of other countries, some of its solutions could possibly...

The effect of demineralization on the physicochemical and sorption properties of activated bio-carbons

Residues after supercritical extraction of hops were chosen as activated bio-carbons precursor. The actual adsorbent was prepared by physical activation of the starting material. Some amount of the activated bio-carbon was divided into two parts. One of them was washed with distilled water, while the other part of the activated bio-carbon was washed first with a 5% solution of...

Application of microwave heating in the preparation of functionalized activated carbons

A series of modified carbonaceous materials has been obtained via nitrogenation, oxidation and thermal treatment of peat-based activated carbons with the use of microwave heating. In order to obtain materials characterised by diverse functional groups content, both in terms of the type and quantity, the starting material was subjected to four different treatment: (1) oxidation...

Dispersal in a metapopulation of the critically endangered Danube Clouded Yellow butterfly Colias myrmidone: implications for conservation

Colias myrmidone has suffered a dramatic decline in Europe, and now its occurrence is restricted to just a few countries. We investigated one of the last viable metapopulations (Knyszyn Forest, NE Poland), where the butterfly is almost completely dependent on forestry, inhabiting some clearings and young tree plantations rich in larval food plants (Chamaecytisus ruthenicus) and...

Comparison of physicochemical, sorption and electrochemical properties of nitrogen-doped activated carbons obtained with the use of microwave and conventional heating

A series of new nitrogen-doped activated carbons has been obtained via the reaction with urea and chemical activation of Polish brown coal. In order to obtain nitrogen groups bonded in different ways to the carbonaceous matrix, the modification with urea was performed at two different stages of processing, i.e. precursor or char. Additionally, the effects of conventional or...

What keeps ‘living dead’ alive: demography of a small and isolated population of Maculinea (= Phengaris) alcon

Institute of Environmental Sciences, Jagiellonian University , Gronostajowa 7, 30-387 Krako?w , Poland 3 Piotr Nowicki 4 Laboratory of Insect Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, Institute of Biology, University

Adult demography of an isolated population of the threatened butterfly Scarce Heath Coenonympha hero and its conservation implications

Scarce Heath Coenonympha hero is considered to be one of the most seriously threatened European butterflies, especially declining in western and central Europe. It usually occurs in small, discrete colonies forming metapopulation systems, but the exchange of individuals between habitat patches is considered limited. Therefore the persistence of the species in fragmented systems...

Resource use by the dryad butterfly is scale-dependent

The factors shaping the ways in which animals use resources are a key element of conservation biology, but ecological studies on resource use typically neglect to consider how the study’s spatial scale may have affected the outcomes. We used the dryad butterfly, inhabiting xerothermic grassland and wet meadow, to test for differences in its resource use at two scales–habitat...

Long-term monitoring of Phengaris (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) butterflies in the Přelouč surroundings (Czech Republic): is the waterway construction a serious threat?

Internal Grant Agency of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CIGA) through its Project No. 20152004. The work of Piotr Nowicki was funded by the Polish National Science Centre Grant DEC-2013/11/B

Adult longevity and its relationship with conservation status in European butterflies

Republic 2 Piotr Nowicki Many European butterly species are currently experiencing serious declines, and may be threatened with extinction. Nevertheless, due to limited knowledge on the species biology and

Conservation implications of source-sink dynamics within populations of endangered Maculinea butterflies

Conservation programmes are often based on snapshot information on animal abundance. However, land fragments with high numbers of individuals do not necessarily represent their natal areas, which are crucial for species persistence. A classic example of the above principle are source-sink systems, in which excess individuals emigrate from source areas during their lifetime and...

How Do Landscape Structure, Management and Habitat Quality Drive the Colonization of Habitat Patches by the Dryad Butterfly (Lepidoptera: Satyrinae) in Fragmented Grassland?

Most studies dealing with species distribution patterns on fragmented landscapes focus on the characteristics of habitat patches that influence local occurrence and abundance, but they tend to neglect the question of what drives colonization of previously unoccupied patches. In a study of the dryad butterfly, we combined classical approaches derived from metapopulation theory and...

Drivers of local densities of endangered Lycaena helle butterflies in a fragmented landscape

, Gronostajowa 7, 30-387 Krako ́w , Poland 1 & Piotr Nowicki Due to their specialised habitat requirements, butterflies are particularly vulnerable to habitat loss and fragmentation. Understanding the drivers of

Relative Contribution of Matrix Structure, Patch Resources and Management to the Local Densities of Two Large Blue Butterfly Species

The type of matrix, the landscape surrounding habitat patches, may determine the distribution and function of local populations. However, the matrix is often heterogeneous, and its various components may differentially contribute to metapopulation processes at different spatial scales, a phenomenon that has rarely been investigated. The aim of this study was to estimate the...

Preparation and physicochemical characterisation of functionalised multi-walled carbon nanotubes

A series of new functionalised carbonaceous materials were prepared by means of oxidation and ammoxidation of commercially available multi-walled carbon nanotubes. The effect of oxygen and nitrogen doping on the textural, surface as well as thermal properties of the prepared adsorbents was tested. The materials were characterized by elemental analysis, low-temperature nitrogen...

Land management impacts on European butterflies of conservation concern: a review

Republic 2 & Piotr Nowicki Recent land use changes, namely the intensification of agriculture and forestry as well as the abandonment of traditional grassland management methods, have resulted in the

Resource use in two contrasting habitat types raises different challenges for the conservation of the dryad butterfly Minois dryas

The suitability of any location for a given species is determined by the available resources. However, there are many species that occur in more than one habitat type and their successful conservation may be particularly difficult. The dryad Minois dryas, a locally endangered butterfly, occurs in two contrasting habitats—xerothemic and wet grasslands. We investigated the...

NO2 removal on adsorbents prepared from coffee industry waste materials

Piotr Nowicki 0 Paulina Skibiszewska 0 Robert Pietrzak 0 0 P. Nowicki (&) P. Skibiszewska R. Pietrzak Laboratory of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

All natural habitat edges matter equally for endangered Maculinea butterflies

An obvious consequence of habitat fragmentation is an increasing role of habitat edges for species survival. Recently it has been suggested that the endangered butterfly Maculinea nausithous prefers forested edges of its meadow habitats. However, the prevalence of forests in the study area used for this analysis makes it impossible to distinguish whether the effect detected is a...

Sorption properties of activated carbons obtained from corn cobs by chemical and physical activation

Justyna Kazmierczak Piotr Nowicki Robert Pietrzak The paper presents results of a study on obtaining activated carbon from common corn cobs and on its use as adsorbent for removal of pollution from