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Polymerization kinetics stability, volumetric changes, apatite precipitation, strontium release and fatigue of novel bone composites for vertebroplasty

support. Conceptualization: Muhammad Adnan Khan, Kirsty Main, Anne Margaret Young. Data curation: Piyaphong Panpisut, Kirsty Main, Mayda Arshad, Anne Margaret Young. Formal analysis: Piyaphong Panpisut ... , Anne Margaret Young. 21 / 25 Funding acquisition: Piyaphong Panpisut, Kirsty Main, Wendy Xia, Anne Margaret Young. Investigation: Piyaphong Panpisut, Mayda Arshad, Anne Margaret Young. Methodology

Monomer conversion, dimensional stability, strength, modulus, surface apatite precipitation and wear of novel, reactive calcium phosphate and polylysine-containing dental composites

Conceptualization: Paul Ashley, Haralampos Petridis, Anne Margaret Young. Data curation: Kanokrat Kangwankai, Sarah Sani. Formal analysis: Kanokrat Kangwankai, Sarah Sani, Piyaphong Panpisut, Wendy Xia, Anne ... Sani, Piyaphong Panpisut, Haralampos Petridis, Anne Margaret Young. Project administration: Piyaphong Panpisut, Wendy Xia, Haralampos Petridis, Anne Margaret Young. Resources: Wendy Xia, Haralampos

Dental Composites with Calcium / Strontium Phosphates and Polylysine

Purpose This study developed light cured dental composites with added monocalcium phosphate monohydrate (MCPM), tristrontium phosphate (TSrP) and antimicrobial polylysine (PLS). The aim was to produce composites that have enhanced water sorption induced expansion, can promote apatite precipitation and release polylysine. Materials and Methods Experimental composite formulations...