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Epithelial Sodium Channel-Mediated Sodium Transport Is Not Dependent on the Membrane-Bound Serine Protease CAP2/Tmprss4

The membrane-bound serine protease CAP2/Tmprss4 has been previously identified in vitro as a positive regulator of the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC). To study its in vivo implication in ENaC-mediated sodium absorption, we generated a knockout mouse model for CAP2/Tmprss4. Mice deficient in CAP2/Tmprss4 were viable, fertile, and did not show any obvious histological...

Polyimide/SU-8 catheter-tip MEMS gauge pressure sensor

This paper describes the development of a polyimide/SU-8 catheter-tip MEMS gauge pressure sensor. Finite element analysis was used to investigate critical parameters, impacting on the device design and sensing characteristics. The sensing element of the device was fabricated by polyimide-based micromachining on a flexible membrane, using embedded thin-film metallic wires as...