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Controllable dispersion and reunion of liquid metal droplets

Liquid metal (LM) micro-droplets have been widely used in microfluidics, drug-loaded nano-system and micro-nano machine due to its excellent properties. However, there still exist difficulties in succinctly dispersing a bulk of LM into micro-droplets due to the large interfacial tension. Besides, the controllable switching between droplet dispersion and reunion is yet to be...

The respective effect of under-rib convection and pressure drop of flow fields on the performance of PEM fuel cells

The flow field configuration plays an important role on the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs). For instance, channel/rib width and total channel cross-sectional area determine the under-rib convection and pressure drop respectively, both of which directly influence the water removal, in turn affecting the oxygen supply and cathodic oxygen reduction...