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Parameterized complexity of games with monotonically ordered omega-regular objectives

computation → Fixed parameter tractability, Theory of computation → Algorithmic game theory 1 Quentin Hautem is supported by a FRIA fellowship. 2 Jean-François Raskin is supported by the ERC Starting Grant ... objectives . In FOSSACS Proceedings , volume 7213 of LNCS , pages 301 - 315 . Springer, 2012 . doi: 10 .1007/978-3- 642 -28729-9_ 20 . Véronique Bruyère , Quentin Hautem, and Jean-François Raskin . On the

On the Complexity of Heterogeneous Multidimensional Games

We study two-player zero-sum turn-based games played on multidimensional weighted graphs with heterogeneous quantitative objectives. Our objectives are defined starting from the measures Inf, Sup, LimInf, and LimSup of the weights seen along the play, as well as on the window mean-payoff (WMP) measure recently introduced in [Krishnendu,Doyen,Randour,Raskin, Inf. Comput., 2015...