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Antarctic project to drill for oldest-ever ice core

International team plans to extract 1.5-million-year-old ice that holds secrets about the planet’s ancient climate.

China backs bold plan to tear down journal paywalls

Officials pledge support for European-led ‘Plan S’ to make research papers immediately free to read — but it’s unclear whether China will adopt all the plan’s policies.

Droughts, heatwaves and floods: How to tell when climate change is to blame

Weather forecasters will soon provide instant assessments of global warming’s influence on extreme events.

World Cup ban on radioactive chemicals frustrates Russian biochemistry labs

The restrictions exacerbate what is already a difficult situation for Russian biochemists.

Clear signs of global warming will hit poorer countries first

New climate-inequality tool quantifies how quickly the weather will veer beyond normal in different regions.

Great Barrier Reef saw huge losses from 2016 heatwave

One-third of reefs in the world’s largest coral system were transformed by warmed waters, finds comprehensive underwater and aerial survey.

Russian science chases escape from mediocrity

With Vladimir Putin set to earn another presidential term, researchers wonder whether his government will reverse decades of decline.

Data management made simple

Keeping your research data freely available is crucial for open science — and your funding could depend on it.

Germany vs Elsevier: universities win temporary journal access after refusing to pay fees

Scientists in Germany can still read journals even though institutions there have not renewed their subscriptions.

Hundreds of German universities set to lose access to Elsevier journals

Negotiations to reduce journal prices and promote open access are progressing slowly.