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Medicamentos con látex y alternativas en guía farmacoterapéutica

Fuentes1, Moisés Pérez León1, Marta Piñero González1, Nayra Sangil Monroy1, Rafael Molero Gómez1 y Pablo Domínguez Lantigua2 1Servicio de Farmacia. Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Doctor Negrín, Las

The first report of the family Protrinemuridae and Neoasterolepisma priesneri(Stach, 1946) (Insecta: Zygentoma) for Iran

In this study, we investigated the fauna of Zygentoma in different regions of Kermanshah Province (Kermanshah, Iran) during 2013. Among the different specimens collected, the species Neoasterolepisma priesneri (Stach, 1946) was found, being new for Iran and for Asia. Moreover, the capture of a representative of the genus Trinemophora (Schaeffer, 1897) represents the first...

A survey of basal insects (Microcoryphia and Zygentoma) from subterranean environments of Iran, with description of three new species

Saber Sadeghi Corresponding authors: Rafael Molero (ba 0 ) Saber Sadeghi () 0 Departamento de Zoología, C-1 Campus de Rabanales, University of Córdoba , 14071 - Córdoba , Spain 2 Entomology Research