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Cigarette Smoking Is Associated with a Lower Concentration of CD105

Cigarette smoking is associated with musculoskeletal degenerative disorders, delayed fracture healing, and nonunion. Bone marrow progenitor cells (BMPCs), known to express CD105, are important in local trophic and immunomodulatory activity and central to musculoskeletal healing/regeneration. We hypothesized that smoking is associated with lower levels of BMPC. Iliac bone marrow...

Clinical review: The Israeli experience: conventional terrorism and critical care

Gabriella Aschkenasy-Steuer 3 Micha Shamir 1 Avraham Rivkind 0 Rami Mosheiff 7 Yigal Shushan 6 Guy Rosenthal 5 Yoav Mintz 4 Charles Weissman 9 Charles L Sprung 8 Yoram G 0 Associate Professor of