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RNA G-quadruplex is resolved by repetitive and ATP-dependent mechanism of DHX36

DHX36 is a DEAH-box helicase that resolves parallel G-quadruplex structures formed in DNA and RNA. The recent co-crystal structure of DHX36 bound G4-DNA revealed an intimate contact, but did not address the role of ATP hydrolysis in G4 resolving activity. Here, we demonstrate that unlike on G4-DNA, DHX36 displays ATP-independent unfolding of G4-RNA followed by ATP-dependent...

G-quadruplex conformation and dynamics are determined by loop length and sequence

The quadruplex forming G-rich sequences are unevenly distributed throughout the human genome. Their enrichment in oncogenic promoters and telomeres has generated interest in targeting G-quadruplex (GQ) for an anticancer therapy. Here, we present a quantitative analysis on the conformations and dynamics of GQ forming sequences measured by single molecule fluorescence. Additionally...