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Analysis of transport from cylindrical surfaces subject to catalytic reactions and non-uniform impinging flows in porous media

This paper investigates forced convection of heat and mass from the catalytic surface of a cylinder featuring non-uniform transpiration and impinging flows in porous media. The non-equilibrium thermodynamics including Soret and Dufour effects and local thermal non-equilibrium are considered. Through employing appropriate change of variables, the governing equations in cylindrical...

No detection of EBV, BKV and JCV in breast cancer tissue samples in Iran

the final manuscript. Acknowledgements The present study was extracted from the thesis written by Abootaleb Alidadi, Rasool Alizadeh and Sara Mir-Rashidi. The authors wish to thank Mr. H. Argasi at the

Mixed convection and thermodynamic irreversibilities in MHD nanofluid stagnation-point flows over a cylinder embedded in porous media

The impingement of CuO-water nanofluid flows upon a cylinder subject to a uniform magnetic field with constant surface temperature and embedded in porous media is investigated for the first time in literature. The surface of the cylinder can feature uniform or non-uniform mass transpiration and is hotter than the incoming nanofluid flow. The gravitational effects are taken into...

On the Hydrodynamics and Heat Convection of an Impinging External Flow Upon a Cylinder with Transpiration and Embedded in a Porous Medium

This paper extends the existing studies of heat convection by an external flow impinging upon a flat porous insert to that on a circular cylinder inside a porous medium. The surface of the cylinder is subject to constant temperature and can include uniform or non-uniform transpiration. These cylindrical configurations are introduced in the analyses of stagnation-point flows in...