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Shelby, Race, and Disability Rights

TOURO LAW JOURNAL OF RACE SHELBY, RACE, AND DISABILITY RIGHTS RAVI MALHOTRA 4 0 See WILLIAM BRADFORD HUIE, THREE LIVES FOR MISSISSIPPI (1965). For a broader historical account of the 1 133 S. Ct ... where he led a political party. See Ravi Malhotra, Electioneering and Activism at the Turn of the Century and the Politics of Disablement: The Legacy of E. T. Kingsley (1856-1929) 7 REV. DISABILITY STUD

Shelby, Race, and Disability Rights

By Ravi Malhotra, Published on 01/01/15 ... -AMERICAN LAW & POLICY SHELBY, RACE, AND DISABILITY RIGHTS RAVI MALHOTRA* Much has been written about the gradual, yet ongoing, evisceration of civil rights and the commitment to racial equality in

The Legal Genealogy of the Duty to Accommodate American and Canadian Workers with Disabilities: A Comparative Perspective

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