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Assessing the dimensionality of the CES-D using multi-dimensional multi-level Rasch models

. Alexandrowicz, Rebecca Jahn, Johannes Wancata. Data curation: Johannes Wancata. Formal analysis: Rainer W. Alexandrowicz. Funding acquisition: Johannes Wancata. Methodology: Rainer W. Alexandrowicz. Project ... administration: Rebecca Jahn, Johannes Wancata. Supervision: Johannes Wancata. Validation: Rebecca Jahn. Writing ± original draft: Rainer W. Alexandrowicz, Rebecca Jahn, Johannes Wancata. 14 / 19 Writing

Somatic complaints in children and adolescents with social anxiety disorder

SummaryBackgroundAssociations of social anxiety disorder (SAD) with various somatic symptoms have been already reported in the literature several times. The present study investigated somatic complaints in children and adolescents with SAD compared to controls and evaluated the relationship between social anxiety and somatic symptom severity.MethodsThirty children and adolescents...

„Das Barbie Syndrom“. Ein Fallbericht über die Körperdysmorphe Störung

ZusammenfassungHintergrundDer vorliegende Fallbericht beschreibt eine 37-jährige Patientin, die ihre Faszination für „Barbie-Puppen“ von der Kindheit bis ins Erwachsenenalter beibehalten hat und entsprechende Abweichungen davon an ihrem Körper schlecht tolerieren konnte. Die stationäre Aufnahme an der psychosomatischen Station erfolgte auf Grund einer Essstörung.MethodikDie...

Development of a clinical version of the Carers’ Needs Assessment for Schizophrenia

Objective Based on the research version of the Carers’ Needs Assessment for Schizophrenia (CNA-S) a shortened clinical version was developed for routine assessment of interventions needed by the caregivers of schizophrenia patients in everyday clinical work. Methods The development of this questionnaire (including a manual explaining its use) was based on results from earlier...

The importance of statistical modelling in clinical research

Background Various studies have shown that caregiving relatives of schizophrenic patients are at risk of suffering from depression. These studies differ with respect to the applied statistical methods, which could influence the findings. Therefore, the present study analyzes to which extent different methods may cause differing results. Methods The present study contrasts by...