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HO-1 is a favorable prognostic factor for HBV-HCC patients who underwent hepatectomy

HO-1 is a favorable prognostic factor for HBV-HCC patients who underwent hepatectomy Chun-Nan Yeh,1 Ren-Chin Wu,2 Chi-Tung Cheng,1 Chun-Yi Tsai,1 Yau-Ren Chang,1 Ta-Sen Yeh,1 Tsung-Han Wu,1 Wei-Chen

Pancolitis associated with higher mortality risk of cytomegalovirus colitis in patients without inflammatory bowel disease

Pancolitis associated with higher mortality risk of cytomegalovirus colitis in patients without inflammatory bowel disease Puo-Hsien Le,1,2 Chia-Jung Kuo,1–3 Ren-Chin Wu,3,4 Jun-Te Hsu,3,5 Ming-Yao

Linked-color imaging combined with the NICE classification system for optical diagnosis of colon polyps: new image-enhanced endoscopic technology for pathological prediction

-Hsing Chen,1–3 Chen-Ming Hsu,1,2 Ming-Yao Su,1,2 Cheng-Tang Chiu,1,2 Ren-Chin Wu,4 Cheng-Chou Lai5 1Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Linkou Medical Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Positive associations between upregulated levels of stress-induced phosphoprotein 1 and matrix metalloproteinase-9 in endometriosis/adenomyosis

Conceptualization: Chia-Lung Tsai, Tzu-Hao Wang. 11 / 13 Formal analysis: Chia-Lung Tsai, Pi-Yueh Chang, Ren-Chin Wu, Shun-Hua Chen, Yun Shien Lee. Investigation: Chin-Jung Wang, Chih-Feng Yen. Writing ± original

Lipocalin 2 (LCN2) is a promising target for cholangiocarcinoma treatment and bile LCN2 level is a potential cholangiocarcinoma diagnostic marker

-Heng Juang AuthorsSearch for Kun-Chun Chiang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Ta-Sen Yeh in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Ren-Chin Wu

Clinicopathological characteristics and outcomes in stage I–III mucinous gastric adenocarcinoma: a retrospective study at a single medical center

Background The clinicopathological characteristics and outcomes of mucinous gastric adenocarcinoma (GC) remain unclear. We report the clinicopathological features and prognosis of patients with mucinous histology who underwent radical-intent gastrectomy. Methods We reviewed the medical records of 1470 patients with pathologically proven undifferentiated GC undergoing radical...

Loss of ALDH1A1 expression is an early event in the pathogenesis of ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma

Tumor-initiating cells are thought to share features with normal somatic stem cells. In mice, stem cells at the ovarian hilum have been shown to express the stem cell marker, aldehyde dehydrogenase isoform 1A1 (ALDH1A1), and are prone to malignant transformation. The potential relevance of this finding to humans has not been established. In this study, we used...

Notch3 Interactome Analysis Identified WWP2 as a Negative Regulator of Notch3 Signaling in Ovarian Cancer

The Notch3 signaling pathway is thought to play a critical role in cancer development, as evidenced by the Notch3 amplification and rearrangement observed in human cancers. However, the molecular mechanism by which Notch3 signaling contributes to tumorigenesis is largely unknown. In an effort to identify the molecular modulators of the Notch3 signaling pathway, we screened for...

Roles of Deletion of Arid1a, a Tumor Suppressor, in Mouse Ovarian Tumorigenesis

The chromatin remodeling gene, ARID1A, has been implied as a tumor suppressor, and its somatic inactivating mutations occur in a wide variety of human cancers, most frequently in ovarian and uterine endometrioid and ovarian clear cell carcinomas. Tumors with ARID1A mutations also frequently harbor PTEN or PIK3CA mutations, suggesting their collaboration in tumorigenesis. Here, we...

Vascularized Composite Allograft Rejection Is Delayed by Intrajejunal Treatment with Donor Splenocytes without Concomitant Immunosuppressants

Yang,1 Chun-Yen Lin,3 Ren-Chin Wu,4 Wei-Chao Huang,5 Jeng-Yee Lin,1 and Fu-Chan Wei1 1Department of Plastic Surgery, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chang Gung University and Medical College, 199 Tun Hwa

Identification of PBX1 Target Genes in Cancer Cells by Global Mapping of PBX1 Binding Sites

PBX1 is a TALE homeodomain transcription factor involved in organogenesis and tumorigenesis. Although it has been shown that ovarian, breast, and melanoma cancer cells depend on PBX1 for cell growth and survival, the molecular mechanism of how PBX1 promotes tumorigenesis remains unclear. Here, we applied an integrated approach by overlapping PBX1 ChIP-chip targets with the PBX1...

Loss of NAC1 Expression Is Associated with Defective Bony Patterning in the Murine Vertebral Axis

NAC1 encoded by NACC1 is a member of the BTB/POZ family of proteins and participates in several pathobiological processes. However, its function during tissue development has not been elucidated. In this study, we compared homozygous null mutant Nacc1-/- and wild type Nacc1+/+ mice to determine the consequences of diminished NAC1 expression. The most remarkable change in Nacc1...

Isolated pancreatic metastasis from rectal cancer: a case report and review of literature

Isolated pancreatic metastases from a non-pancreatic primary malignancy are very rare. Studies have shown that resection of metastases is of proven benefit in some types of tumors. We report a case of 76-year-old Taiwanese woman with rectal adenocarcinoma treated with neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy and abdominoperineal resection 2 years ago presenting with an asymptomatic mass at...

Identification of Molecular Pathway Aberrations in Uterine Serous Carcinoma by Genome-wide Analyses

Background Uterine cancer is the fourth most common malignancy in women, and uterine serous carcinoma is the most aggressive subtype. However, the molecular pathogenesis of uterine serous carcinoma is largely unknown. We analyzed the genomes of uterine serous carcinoma samples to better understand the molecular genetic characteristics of this cancer.

Clinicopathologic features and outcomes following surgery for pancreatic adenosquamous carcinoma

Background Pancreatic adenosquamous carcinoma (ASC) is a rare pancreatic malignancy subtype. We investigated the clinicopathological features and outcome of pancreatic ASC patients after surgery. Methods The medical records of 12 patients with pancreatic ASC undergoing surgical treatment (1993 to 2006) were retrospectively reviewed. Survival data of patients with stage IIB...