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Urmia Lake water-level change detection and modeling

This study suggests a different view of the change in water level fluctuation of Urmia Lake (UL), Northwestern Iran, and its descriptive statistics in term of the seasonal variation of monthly average time series during 1966–2012. A significant change is demonstrated in the descriptive statistical characteristics, such as the mean and the variance after a change point in 1999 by...

Hydrological and Meteorological Extreme Events in Asia: Understanding, Modeling, Vulnerability, and Adaptation Measures

protecting our society in the condition that climate change intensifies the extremes. Taesam Lee Hyunhan Kwon Reza Modarres Sangdan Kim Fateh Chebana

Concordant integrative gene set enrichment analysis of multiple large-scale two-sample expression data sets

Background Gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA) is an important approach to the analysis of coordinate expression changes at a pathway level. Although many statistical and computational methods have been proposed for GSEA, the issue of a concordant integrative GSEA of multiple expression data sets has not been well addressed. Among different related data sets collected for the...