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Association of gene expression with sequential proliferation, differentiation and tumor formation in murine skin

Differential gene expression in two established initiation and promotion skin carcinogenesis models during promotion and tumor formation was determined by microarray technology with the purpose of distinguishing the genes more associated with neoplastic transformation from those linked with proliferation and differentiation. The first model utilized dimethylbenz[a]anthracene...

The Quantitative Distinction of Hyperplasia from Hypertrophy in Hepatomegaly Induced in the Rat Liver by Phenobarbital

Philip Carthew 0 Richard E. Edwards 0 Barbara M. Nolan 0 0 MRC Toxicology Unit, University of Leicester , Leicester LEI 9HN , United Kingdom - Cell proliferation is thought to be an important

ACCELERATED PAPER: Tamoxifen associated uterine pathology in rodents: relevance to women

Rats administered tamoxifen for 3 months and then returned to a basal diet developed an increase in uterine weight for up to 9 months after tamoxifen exposure. Stereological analysis of the tamoxifen exposed rat uteri showed that there was a significant increase in the amount of uterine myometrium, for a further 9 months, subsequent to the discontinuation of tamoxifen. A low...

Tamoxifen induces endometrial and vaginal cancer in rats in the absence of endometrial hyperplasia

Tamoxifen was administered orally to neonatal rats on days 2–5 after birth and the subsequent effects on the uterus were characterized, morphometrically, over the following 12 months. Tamoxifen inhibited development of the uterus and glands in the endometrium, indicating a classical oestrogen antagonist action. Between 24 and 35 months after tamoxifen treatment there was a...

The dissipation and release of proactive interference in a short-term memory task

Psychon. Sei. The dissipation and release o f proactive RONALD H. HOPKINSt 0 RICHARD E. EDWARDS 0 CHERI L. COOK 0 0 Washington State University , Pullman, Wash. 99163 , USA In two experiments, each

Presentation modality and proactive interference in short-term retention using a mixed-morality distractor task

Two experiments investigated the release from PI following a shift in mode of presentation of the study words. In each experiment, the interpolated task required processing of both auditory (A) and visual (V) information. The results were the same with mixed lists (Experiment I) and with independent groups (Experiment II): A release from PI was obtained following an A to V shift...