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One-loop quantization of rigid spinning strings in AdS3 × S3 × T 4 with mixed flux

Abstract We compute the one-loop correction to the classical dispersion relation of rigid closed spinning strings with two equal angular momenta in the AdS3 × S3 × T 4 background supported with a mixture of R-R and NS-NS three-form fluxes. This analysis is extended to the case of two arbitrary angular momenta in the pure NS-NS limit. We perform this computation by means of two...

Pulsating strings with mixed three-form flux

Abstract Circular strings pulsating in AdS3 × S3 × T 4 with mixed R-R and NS-NS three-form fluxes can be described by an integrable deformation of the one-dimensional Neumann-Rosochatius mechanical model. In this article we find a general class of pulsating solutions to this integrable system that can be expressed in terms of elliptic functions. In the limit of strings moving in...

Historical development of vaginal microbicides to prevent sexual transmission of HIV in women: from past failures to future hopes

Historical development of vaginal microbicides to prevent sexual transmission of HIV in women: from past failures to future hopes Fernando Notario-Pérez, Roberto Ruiz-Caro, María-Dolores Veiga-Ochoa

Enfermedad relacionada con IgG4 a propósito de dos casos

Ruiz Reyes, Dr. Oriol Alfonso Moya, Dr. Osvaldo Alejo Concepción, Dr. Aldo Tirador Columbié, Lic. Datiel Cruz Méndez Hospital Militar Docente de Matanzas Dr. Mario Muñoz Monroy. Matanzas, Cuba

Técnica de imágenes digitales como herramienta de medición de daño en rompeolas

    Jaime Roberto Ruiz y Zurvia Flores, Lucio Fragoso Sandoval Profesor e Investigador de la Sección de Estudios de Posgrado e Investigación. Escuela Superior de Ingeniería y Arquitectura, Unidad Adolfo ... . (2006).     Recibido: 25 de septiembre de 2016. Aprobado: 03 de enero de 2017.     Jaime Roberto Ruiz y Zurvia Flores, Lucio Fragoso Sandoval. Profesor e

The BSM-AI project: SUSY-AI–generalizing LHC limits on supersymmetry with machine learning

A key research question at the Large Hadron Collider is the test of models of new physics. Testing if a particular parameter set of such a model is excluded by LHC data is a challenge: it requires time consuming generation of scattering events, simulation of the detector response, event reconstruction, cross section calculations and analysis code to test against several hundred...

The Impact of Group Size on Welfare Indicators of Ewes during Pregnancy

Group size (GS) and space allowance have major implications for the welfare of production species, however their effects are often confounded. In a previous study we investigated the impact of varying space allowance at constant GS. In the present work we report the consequences of varying GS on pregnant ewes while controlling space allowance. We housed ewes at 6 (GS6) or 12 ewes...

Model-independent combination of diphoton constraints at 750 GeV

Motivated by the recent diphoton excess reported by both the ATLAS and CMS collaborations, we provide a model-independent combination of diphoton results obtained at \(\sqrt{s}=8\) and 13 TeV at the LHC. We consider resonant s-channel production of a spin-0 and spin-2 particle with a mass of 750 GeV that subsequently decays to two photons. The size of the excess reported by ATLAS...

The case for 100 GeV bino dark matter: a dedicated LHC tri-lepton search

Abstract Global fit studies performed in the pMSSM and the photon excess signal originating from the Galactic Center seem to suggest compressed electroweak supersymmetric spectra with a ∼100 GeV bino-like dark matter particle. We find that these scenarios are not probed by traditional electroweak supersymmetry searches at the LHC. We propose to extend the ATLAS and CMS...

La sectorización en redes de agua potable para mejorarsu eficiencia hidráulica

efficiency     Lucio Fragoso Sandoval,I Jaime Roberto Ruiz y Zurvia-Flores,I Gerardo Toxky López,II I Profesores e Investigadores, Escuela Sup. de Ing. y Arq., Unidad Zacatenco, Inst. Politéc ... Roberto Ruiz y Zurvia-Flores, Gerardo Toxky López. Profesores e Investigadores, Escuela Sup. de Ing. y Arq., Unidad Zacatenco, Inst. Politéc. Nac., México D. F., México. Exalumno de posgrado, Escuela Sup

Global fits of GUT-scale SUSY models with GAMBIT

Raklev 9 Christopher Rogan 4 Roberto Ruiz de Austri 1 Aldo Saavedra 2 11 Christopher Savage 7 Pat Scott 0 Nicola Serra 16 Christoph Weniger 10 Martin White 11 13 0 Department of Physics, Blackett

Diferencias de personalidad en entrenadores desde el modelo de Costa y McCrae

treinadores através do modelo de Costa e McCrae     Alejo García-Naveira1 y Roberto Ruiz-Barquín2 1Centro de Estudios e Investigación. Club Atlético de Madrid y 2Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Probing the μνSSM with light scalars, pseudoscalars and neutralinos from the decay of a SM-like Higgs boson at the LHC

The “μ from ν” supersymmetric standard model (μνSSM) can accommodate the newly discovered Higgs-like scalar boson with a mass around 125 GeV. This model provides a solution to the μ-problem and simultaneously reproduces correct neutrino physics by the simple use of right-handed neutrino superfields. These new superfields together with the introduced R-parity violation can produce...

Space Availability in Confined Sheep during Pregnancy, Effects in Movement Patterns and Use of Space

Space availability is essential to grant the welfare of animals. To determine the effect of space availability on movement and space use in pregnant ewes (Ovis aries), 54 individuals were studied during the last 11 weeks of gestation. Three treatments were tested (1, 2, and 3 m2/ewe; 6 ewes/group). Ewes' positions were collected for 15 minutes using continuous scan samplings two...

A cross-cultural re-evaluation of the Exercise Addiction Inventory (EAI) in five countries

Lichtenstein 1 Ricardo de la Vega 6 Bernadette Kun 4 Roberto Ruiz-Barquín 6 Jason Youngman 5 Attila Szabo 0 2 0 Institute of Health Promotion and Sport Sciences, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Eötvös ... Lichtenstein, Ricardo de la Vega, Bernadette Kun, Roberto Ruiz-Barquín, Jason Youngman, and Attila Szabo declare that they have no conflicts of interest. Funding No financial support was received for the

Deflectores de oleaje para rompeolas superficiales rebasables

-Sandoval   Instituto Politécnico Nacional, México.   Dirección institucional de los autores M.C. Jaime Roberto Ruiz y Zurvia Flores M.C. Lucio Fragoso Sandoval Sección de Estudios de Posgrado e

The Plasmodium falciparum Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein (TCTP) Is Incorporated More Efficiently into B Cells than Its Human Homologue

Plasmodium falciparum secretes a homologue of the translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP) into serum of infected individuals, although its role in pathogenesis or virulence is unknown. To determine the effect of P. falciparum TCTP on B cells as compared to human TCTP, fluorescently labeled proteins were incubated on primary cultures of mouse splenic B cells and analyzed...

Quiste renal gigante. Presentación de un caso

Jordán Alonso, DrC. Roberto Ruiz Reyes,  MSc. Adianez Jiménez Álvarez Hospital Militar Docente Dr. Mario Muñoz Monroy. Matanzas, Cuba.     RESUMEN En el riñón frecuentemente se desarrollan

Geminivirus mixed infection on pepper plants: Synergistic interaction between PHYVV and PepGMV

Background PHYVV and PepGMV are plant viruses reported in Mexico and Southern US as causal agents of an important pepper disease known as "rizado amarillo". Mixed infections with PHYVV and PepGMV have been reported in several hosts over a wide geographic area. Previous work suggested that these viruses might interact at the replication and/or movement level in a complex manner...