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Ginkgo biloba extract EGb 761® alleviates neurosensory symptoms in patients with dementia: a meta-analysis of treatment effects on tinnitus and dizziness in randomized, placebo-controlled trials

Rainer Spiegel,1 Roger Kalla,2 Georgios Mantokoudis,3 Raphael Maire,4 Heiko Mueller,5 Robert Hoerr,5 Ralf Ihl6 1Division of Internal Medicine, Basel University Hospital, University of Basel, Basel ... funding for this work. Rainer Spiegel and Roger Kalla share first authorship. Author contributions R Spiegel and R Kalla contributed equally to the manuscript. All authors contributed to the

Update on the pharmacotherapy of cerebellar and central vestibular disorders

Neurology, University Hospital Bern , Freiburgstrasse 18, 3010 Bern , Switzerland 2 & Roger Kalla An overview of the current pharmacotherapy of central vestibular syndromes and the most common forms of ... . Roger Kalla states that there is no conflict of interest. Michael Strupp is Joint Chief Editor of the Journal of Neurology, Editor in Chief of Frontiers of Neuro-otology and Section Editor of F1000. He

TMS Evidence for Smooth Pursuit Gain Control by the Frontal Eye Fields

Smooth pursuit eye movements are used to continuously track slowly moving visual objects. A peculiar property of the smooth pursuit system is the nonlinear increase in sensitivity to changes in target motion with increasing pursuit velocities. We investigated the role of the frontal eye fields (FEFs) in this dynamic gain control mechanism by application of transcranial magnetic...