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A chance-constrained stochastic approach to intermodal container routing problems

Zhao. Formal analysis: Yi Zhao. Funding acquisition: Xi Zhang. Investigation: Yi Zhao. Methodology: Yi Zhao, Ronghui Liu. Supervision: Ronghui Liu. Writing ± original draft: Yi Zhao. Writing ... ± review & editing: Ronghui Liu, Anthony Whiteing. 21 / 22 1. Crainic TG , Kim KH . Intermodal transportation . In: Cynthia B , Gilbert L , editors. Handbooks in operations research and management science

Analysis of Road Network Pattern Considering Population Distribution and Central Business District

This paper proposes a road network growing model with the consideration of population distribution and central business district (CBD) attraction. In the model, the relative neighborhood graph (RNG) is introduced as the connection mechanism to capture the characteristics of road network topology. The simulation experiment is set up to illustrate the effects of population...