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Place for elective cholecystectomy for patients with severe thalassaemia: a retrospective case control study

ObjectiveAt present, cholecystectomy is carried out for thalassaemia patients with gall stone disease only if they develop symptoms of cholecystitis, except in the rare instance where an un-inflammed gall bladder is removed simultaneously with splenectomy. We carried out this retrospective analysis of case records to examine if patients with thalassaemia have a higher rate of...

What clinicians who practice in countries reaching malaria elimination should be aware of: lessons learnt from recent experience in Sri Lanka

Following progressive reduction in confirmed cases of malaria from 2002 to 2007 (41,411 cases in 2002, 10,510 cases in 2003, 3,720 cases in 2004, 1,640 cases in 2005, 591 cases in 2006, and 198 cases in 2007). Sri Lanka entered the pre-elimination stage of malaria in 2008. One case of indigenous malaria and four other cases of imported malaria are highlighted here, as the only...