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Reproductive differences among species, and between individuals and cohorts, in the leech genus Helobdella (Lophotrochozoa; Annelida; Clitellata; Hirudinida; Glossiphoniidae), with implications for reproductive resource allocation in hermaphrodites

members of the Weisblat lab for helpful conversations. Data curation: Roshni G. Iyer. Formal analysis: Roshni G. Iyer. Funding acquisition: David A. Weisblat. Investigation: D. Valle Rogers, Michelle ... Levine, Christopher J. Winchell, David A. Weisblat. Methodology: Roshni G. Iyer, D. Valle Rogers, Christopher J. Winchell. Project administration: David A. Weisblat. Resources: David A. Weisblat. 22 / 25