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Histologische beobachtungen am Ovariolenstiel von Syntermes dirus (Isoptera)

This paper gives a detailed description of the ovariole stalk and of the ovarioles of the ovary in Syntermes dirus, considering also the ovary of Nasutitermes sp. for comparison. From the results obtained, it is possible to explain the passage of the eggs through the ovariole stalk into the oviduct. The principal force for this dislocation is the three or four egg cells of each...

A glândula ectodermal do aparelho copulador do Triatoma infestans (Heteroptera, Triatominae)

The author describes the micro-anatomy and cytology of a gland, situated in the male copulation-apparatus of T. infestans. The gland is composed by two groups of hypodermic and glandular cells, found in the large intersegmental membrane between the 8th and 9th segment. The cells are of an evaluated type, characterized by their separation from the cuticle, by a complicated...