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A mobile one-lead ECG device incorporated in a symptom-driven remote arrhythmia monitoring program. The first 5,982 Hartwacht ECGs

category of ECGs. Notes Conflict of interest J.L. Selder, L. Breukel, SBlok, A.C. van Rossum, I.I. Tulevski and C.P. Allaart declare that they have no competing interests. References 1. Lau JK

Loophole-free Bell test using electron spins in diamond: second experiment and additional analysis

The recently reported violation of a Bell inequality using entangled electronic spins in diamonds (Hensen et al., Nature 526, 682–686) provided the first loophole-free evidence against local-realist theories of nature. Here we report on data from a second Bell experiment using the same experimental setup with minor modifications. We find a violation of the CHSH-Bell inequality of...