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Prediction of unsuccessful endometrial ablation: a retrospective study

BackgroundEndometrial ablation (EA) is a frequently used treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding, mainly due to the low risks, low costs and short recovery time associated with the procedure. On the short term, it seems successful, long-term follow-up however, shows decreasing patient satisfaction as well as treament efficacy. There even is a post-ablation hysterectomy rate up to...

A 50% higher prevalence of life-shortening chronic conditions among cancer patients with low socioeconomic status

NetherlandsS Houterman AuthorsSearch for W J Louwman in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for M J Aarts in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for S Houterman

Prognosis for long-term survivors of cancer

Background: Many cancer patients who have already survived some time want to know about their prognosis, given the pre-condition that they are still alive. We described and interpreted population-based conditional 5-year relative survival rates. Patients and methods: The long-standing Eindhoven Cancer Registry collects data on all patients diagnosed with cancer in the southern...

Surgeons Underestimate Their Patients’ Desire for Preoperative Information

Netherlands 1 B. J. Keulers M. R. M. Scheltinga S. Houterman Maxima Medical Centre (MMC) , Veldhoven, The Netherlands 2 Research institution: Department of Surgery. Maxima Medical Centre (MMC) Veldhoven , The

Up-to-date survival estimates and historical trends of cutaneous malignant melanoma in the south-east of The Netherlands

Background: We present survival outcomes of patients registered in the Dutch population-based Eindhoven Cancer Registry (ECR). Patients and methods: Data on patients diagnosed with a melanoma between 1980 and 2002 were obtained from the ECR. Data on vital status up to 1 January 2005 were obtained, up-to-date survival rates were calculated using period analysis. Multivariate...

Higher long-term cancer survival rates in southeastern Netherlands using up-to-date period analysis

Background: The aim was to compare long-term survival rates for different types of cancer estimated by means of up to date period analysis with those from more traditional cohort analysis. Patients and methods: Data from the Eindhoven Cancer Registry were used. In total 140 137 newly diagnosed patients diagnosed between 1980 and 2002 and followed until 1 January 2005 were...