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Identification of miRNA-mediated drought responsive multi-tiered regulatory network in drought tolerant rice, Nagina 22

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Identification of novel miRNAs from drought tolerant rice variety Nagina 22

MicroRNAs regulate a spectrum of developmental and biochemical processes in plants and animals. Thus, knowledge of the entire miRNome is essential to understand the complete regulatory schema of any organism. The current study attempts to unravel yet undiscovered miRNA genes in rice. Analysis of small RNA libraries from various tissues of drought-tolerant ‘aus’ rice variety...

Identification of Novel SNP in Promoter Sequence of TaGW2-6A Associated with Grain Weight and Other Agronomic Traits in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

TaGW2 is an orthologue of rice gene OsGW2, which encodes E3 RING ubiquitin ligase and controls the grain size in rice. In wheat, three copies of TaGW2 have been identified and mapped on wheat homoeologous group 6 viz. TaGW2-6A, TaGW2-6B and TaGW2-6D. In the present study, using as many as 207 Indian wheat genotypes, we identified four SNPs including two novel SNPs (SNP-988 and...