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Color-coded molecular beacons for multiplex PCR screening assays

review of the manuscript. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Salvatore A. E. Marras, Sanjay Tyagi, Dan-Oscar Antson, Fred Russell Kramer. Formal analysis: Salvatore A. E. Marras, Sanjay Tyagi, Dan ... -Oscar Antson, Fred Russell Kramer. Funding acquisition: Sanjay Tyagi, Fred Russell Kramer. Investigation: Salvatore A. E. Marras, Dan-Oscar Antson. Methodology: Salvatore A. E. Marras, Sanjay Tyagi

Multiplex Real-Time PCR Assays that Measure the Abundance of Extremely Rare Mutations Associated with Cancer

We describe the use of “SuperSelective” primers that enable the detection and quantitation of somatic mutations whose presence relates to cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy, in real-time PCR assays that can potentially analyze rare DNA fragments present in blood samples (liquid biopsies). The design of these deoxyribonucleotide primers incorporates both a relatively long “5...

New Cross-Linking Quinoline and Quinolone Derivatives for Sensitive Fluorescent Labeling

A variety of contemporary analytical platforms, utilized in technical and biological applications, take advantage of labeling the objects of interest with fluorescent tracers—compounds that can be easily and sensitively detected. Here we describe the synthesis of new fluorescent quinoline and quinolone compounds, whose light emission can be conveniently tuned by simple structural...

Efficiencies of fluorescence resonance energy transfer and contact‐mediated quenching in oligonucleotide probes

Salvatore A. E. Marras 0 Fred Russell Kramer 0 Sanjay Tyagi 0 0 Public Health Research Institute , 225 Warren Street, Newark, NJ 07103, USA An important consideration in the design of

Real‐time measurement of in vitro transcription

We have developed a simple method to measure RNA synthesis in real time. In this technique, transcription reactions are performed in the presence of molecular beacons that possess a 2′‐O‐methylribonucleotide backbone. These probes become fluorescent as they hybridize to nascent RNA during the course of synthesis. We found that molecular beacons synthesized from natural...