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Altools: a user friendly NGS data analyser

Background Genotyping by re-sequencing has become a standard approach to estimate single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) diversity, haplotype structure and the biodiversity and has been defined as an efficient approach to address geographical population genomics of several model species. To access core SNPs and insertion/deletion polymorphisms (indels), and to infer the phyletic...

Genome overview of eight Candida boidinii strains isolated from human activities and wild environments

Candida boidinii is an Ascomycota yeast with important biotechnological applications. In this paper we present the genome sequencing and annotation of eight strains of this species isolated from human activities and wild environments. The produced assemblies revealed several strain specific features in terms of genomic GC content (ranging from 30.9 to 32.7%), genome size...

Genome-wide characterisation and expression profile of the grapevine ATL ubiquitin ligase family reveal biotic and abiotic stress-responsive and development-related members

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Seforta, an integrated tool for detecting the signature of selection in coding sequences

Background The majority of amino acid residues are encoded by more than one codon, and a bias in the usage of such synonymous codons has been repeatedly demonstrated. One assumption is that this phenomenon has evolved to improve the efficiency of translation by reducing the time required for the recruitment of isoacceptors. The most abundant tRNA species are preferred at sites on...

The Signatures of Selection for Translational Accuracy in Plant Genes

Little is known about the natural selection of synonymous codons within the coding sequences of plant genes. We analyzed the distribution of synonymous codons within plant coding sequences and found that preferred codons tend to encode the more conserved and functionally important residues of plant proteins. This was consistent among several synonymous codon families and applied...

Spatial Analyses of Mono, Di and Trinucleotide Trends in Plant Genes

helpful suggestions on the manuscript. The research was part of the Salvatore Camiolo Ph.D. program entitled Produttivita` delle piante coltivate. Conceived and designed the experiments: AP SC. Performed

Mutational Biases and Selective Forces Shaping the Structure of Arabidopsis Genes

Recently features of gene expression profiles have been associated with structural parameters of gene sequences in organisms representing a diverse set of taxa. The emerging picture indicates that natural selection, mediated by gene expression profiles, has a significant role in determining genic structures. However the current situation is less clear in plants as the available...