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Haematological parameters and lipid profile abnormalities among patients with Type-2 diabetes mellitus in Ghana

Diabetes mellitus is a non-infectious disease that has a high prevalence worldwide. Altered level of many haematological parameters have been observed in patients with diabetes. The levels of lipids are also affected in diabetes by many factors since carbohydrate metabolism affect lipid metabolism. So far, very little work has been done linking haematological parameters and lipid...

Molecular characterisation of plasma membrane-derived vesicles

Plasma membrane-derived vesicles (PMVs) are released into circulation in response to normal and stress/pathogenic conditions. They are of tremendous significance for the prediction, diagnosis, and observation of the therapeutic success of many diseases. Knowledge of their molecular characteristics and therefore functional properties would contribute to a better understanding of...

Prevalence of hemoglobin S trait among blood donors: a cross-sectional study

BackgroundSickle cell trait (SCT) or Hemoglobin S (HbS) trait which is due to inheritance of an abnormal hemoglobin (Hb) gene from one parent and a normal gene from the other has been known to be common among people of African descent. Individuals with SCT may find themselves in the blood donor population without knowing their ‘carrier’ status and this may have severe...