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Investigation into the Molecular Mechanisms underlying the Anti-proliferative and Anti-tumorigenesis activities of Diosmetin against HCT-116 Human Colorectal Cancer

Diosmetin (Dis) is a bioflavonoid with cytotoxicity properties against variety of cancer cells including hepatocarcinoma, breast and colorectal (CRC) cancer. The exact mechanism by which Dis acts against CRC however, still remains unclear, hence in this study, we investigated the possible molecular mechanisms of Dis in CRC cell line, HCT-116. Here, we monitored the viability of...

Medicinal Plants and Their Inhibitory Activities against Pancreatic Lipase: A Review

Obesity is recognized as a major life style disorder especially in developing countries and it is prevailing at an alarming speed in new world countries due to fast food intake, industrialization, and reduction of physical activity. Furthermore, it is associated with a vast number of chronic diseases and disabilities. To date, relatively effective drugs, from either natural or...