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Maintenance for Repaired RC Column Exposed to Chloride Attack Based on Probability Distribution of Service Life

Sang-Hwa Jung Hyun-Min Yang Keun-Hyeok Yang Seung-Jun Kwon Chloride attack is one of the most critical deterioration due to rapid corrosion initiation and propagation which can cause structural safety

Microstructure Characteristics of Fly Ash Concrete with Rice Husk Ash and Lime Stone Powder

Industrial wastes and recycled materials are being utilized in the construction industry for preserving the environment, saving of materials, and enhancing durability of the construction material. Blending of cement with supplementary cementitious materials like fly ash, rice husk ash, and silica fume makes concrete more durable. The main objective of this study is to make use of...

Diffusion Decay Coefficient for Chloride Ions of Concrete Containing Mineral Admixtures

The diffusion coefficient for chloride ions and the diffusion decay coefficient for chloride ions are essential variables for a service life evaluation of concrete structures. They are influenced by water-binder ratio, exposure condition, curing temperature, cement type, and the type and use of mineral admixture. Mineral admixtures such as ground granulated blast furnace slag...