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Clinical evaluation of a nutraceutical diet as an adjuvant to pharmacological treatment in dogs affected by Keratoconjunctivitis sicca

Background Canine keratoconjunctivitis sicca (cKCS) is an inflammatory eye condition related to a deficiency in the tear aqueous fraction. Etiopathogenesis of such disease is substantially multifactorial, combining the individual genetic background with environmental factors that contribute to the process of immunological tolerance disruption and, as a consequence, to the...

Clinical evaluation of an antiinflammatory and antioxidant diet effect in 30 dogs affected by chronic otitis externa: preliminary results

Sciences, University of Naples Federico II , Naples , Italy 2 Sara Centenaro 3 Alessandro Di Cerbo 4 Department of Science, University of Basilicata , Potenza , Italy 5 School of Biosciences and Veterinary ... Cerbo and Sara Centenaro contributed equally to this work. School of Specialization in Clinical Biochemistry, BG. d’Annunzio^ University, Chieti, Italy Text Otitis externa is supposed to affect 4 out

In Vitro Effects of Some Botanicals with Anti-Inflammatory and Antitoxic Activity

Centenaro,1 Elena Fraccaroli,1 Laura Cortese,5 Maria Grazia Bonomo,6 Giuseppina Ruggiero,3 Sergio Canello,1 and Giuseppe Terrazzano3,6 1Division of Research and Development, SANYpet SpA, 35023 Bagnoli di

An immune-modulating diet increases the regulatory T cells and reduces T helper 1 inflammatory response in Leishmaniosis affected dogs treated with standard therapy

Background Clinical appearance and evolution of Canine Leishmaniosis (CL) are the consequence of complex interactions between the parasite and the genetic and immunological backgrounds. We investigated the effect of an immune-modulating diet in CL. Dogs were treated with anti- Leishmania pharmacological therapy combined with standard diet (SD Group) or with the immune-modulating...