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Relations between salinity in the northwestern Bering Sea, the Bering Strait throughflow and sea surface height in the Arctic Ocean

The correlation between transport via the Bering Strait throughflow (BTF) and sea surface salinity (SSS) in the Bering Sea has been examined mainly using an atmosphere–ocean–ice coupled climate model that has an eddy-permitting ocean component. The SSS anomaly in the northwestern Bering Sea is high from winter to spring when the BTF transport anomaly is large in the cold season...

Improvement of Ocean State Estimation by Assimilating Mapped Argo Drift Data

We investigated the impact of assimilating a mapped dataset of subsurface ocean currents into an ocean state estimation. We carried out two global ocean state estimations from 2000 to 2007 using the K7 four-dimensional variational data synthesis system, one of which included an additional map of climatological geostrophic currents estimated from the global set of Argo floats. We...