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The Activin Social Network: Activin, Inhibin, and Follistatin in Breast Development and Cancer

Activins and inhibins are closely related protein heterodimers with a similar tissue distribution; however, these two complexes have opposing functions in development and disease. Both are secreted cytokine hormones, with activin the primary inducer of downstream signaling cascades and inhibin acting as a rheostat that exquisitely governs activin function. Adding to the...

Reexpression of p8 Contributes to Tumorigenic Properties of Pituitary Cells and Appears in a Subset of Prolactinomas in Transgenic Mice that Hypersecrete Luteinizing Hormone

Targeted overexpression of LH in transgenic mice causes hyperproliferation of Pit-1-positive pituitary cells and development of functional adenomas. To characterize gene expression changes associated with pituitary tumorigenesis, we performed microarray studies using Affymetrix GeneChips comparing expression profiles from pituitary tumors in LH-overexpressing mice to wild-type...