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When Algorithms for Maximal Independent Set and Maximal Matching Run in Sublinear Time

Neighborhood Independence - Funding Sepehr Assadi: Research supported in part by the Simons Collaboration on Algorithms and Geometry. 1 Here, and throughout the paper, we define Oe(f (n)) := O(f (n) ? polylog ... . Randomized Greedy Matching II. Random Struct. Algorithms , 6 ( 1 ): 55 - 74 , 1995 . Sepehr Assadi , Yu Chen , and Sanjeev Khanna . Sublinear Algorithms for (? + 1) Vertex Coloring . In Proceedings of the

Towards a Unified Theory of Sparsification for Matching Problems

Sepehr Assadi 2 Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University Piscataway , NJ , US In this paper, we present a construction of a ?matching sparsifier?, that is, a sparse subgraph of the given graph ... ? Sparsification and spanners, Theory of computation ? Graph algorithms analysis Acknowledgements Sepehr Assadi is grateful to his advisor Sanjeev Khanna for many helpful discussions, and to Soheil Behnezhad for

A Simple Sublinear-Time Algorithm for Counting Arbitrary Subgraphs via Edge Sampling

, Philadelphia, PA , USA 1 School of Computer and Communication Sciences, EPFL , Lausanne , Switzerland 2 Sepehr Assadi 3 Michael Kapralov In the subgraph counting problem, we are given a (large) input graph G(V ... . Noga Alon . On the number of subgraphs of prescribed type of graphs with a given number of edges . Israel Journal of Mathematics , 1981 . Sepehr Assadi , Michael Kapralov , and Sanjeev Khanna . A Simple

Algorithms for Provisioning Queries and Analytics

. Addison-Wesley , 1995 . Noga Alon , Yossi Matias, and Mario Szegedy . The space complexity of approximating the frequency moments . In STOC , pages 20 - 29 . ACM, 1996 . Sepehr Assadi , Sanjeev Khanna, Yang

Dynamic Sketching for Graph Optimization Problems with Applications to Cut-Preserving Sketches

Algorithms, SODA, pages 279?293, 2014. Acknowledgments. discussions. We are grateful to Chandra Chekuri and Michael Saks for helpful Sepehr Assadi , Sanjeev Khanna, Yang Li , and Val Tannen . Dynamic